Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Psalm

Number 1

In Thee, Father, I have all things.
I truly have need of nothing.
In Your presence daily, with my heart set on Thee,
I have need of nothing more.

You are greater than my greatest earthly need.
I need not for ministry or life, but only Thee.
You are my sustenance, my daily food and drink.
You are my health, You are my healer.
You are my source.
If anything be added unto me
it is secondary, extra, above and beyond my only
need which is Thee.
I truly have no need.
I am able to be with You, in Your presence,
continually, and my need thus is met.

Father, my need is Thee. My need is Thee.
Your Door is always open, and You always bid me come.