Thursday, September 17, 2009


They perish. People—real people—are headed straight to hell as I type and as you read this. The people all around you. Not the people on the other side of the world, but people you work with, live with perhaps, and certainly many that you live near. People that you may see on TV, hear about on the radio, and those who work at the places where you shop. They're headed to hell!

Where is anyone living that they can honestly say that the vast majority of those around them are not, presently, headed straight to hell? Is there such a place on Earth? I can not think of any place like that. If one would insist that he or she lives in such a place surely they are delusional. A number of godly men have said, and I agree, that many even in our Christian congregations will end up in hell.

There is no use in wishing it weren't so. The Bible is clear. God hasn't stuttered on this point. Without Christ people will perish in hell. What are we doing about it?

I'm not trying to manipulate or cajole anyone into anything. I'm not one to suddenly jump into action, either, and don't recommend any hasty action to others. Even though the stakes could be no higher, there is a way to go about this business of “being about our Father's work.

But, we are, at the very least, called and expected to pray about and for the salvation of the world around us. We say that we know that those around us are perishing, but our inaction and indifference betray our cold hearts. I include myself—I believe I could and should be much more enflamed here.

Whatever our circumstances, let us be found more and more in prayer and earnest seeking and petitioning after our Lord's glory in the coming of many to salvation. Let's be determined and freely willing to be fools for Christ with the message of the cross. The vast majority of people around us are going to hell… until something changes.

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