Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Our speaking and doing, if truly in the Holy Ghost, will convict the world of sin. Jesus says that if He had not spoken and done what He did, the world would have no sin. Amazing! Jesus said that their excuse was taken away (John 15:22). Does my life allow excuses? Can people hear and see me and continue on their course unchallenged, without the least hint of apprehension?

“Let your light so shine before men . . .”

If the world isn't convicted in my presence, I am not living right, not walking right—not keeping in step with the Holy Spirit.

Our lives are a continual conviction either to the world or to ourselves; either to them of their sin, or to us of our lukewarmness.


The time is coming, and soon, when the world will simply no longer listen to the gospel at all. They hardly listen now; most do not. Their ears, eyes, and minds are simply stuffed full to the brim with everything the Devil and this world can offer them. It's high time that someone was able and willing to shake this completely dead generation. Their minds must be arrested with the tragedy so ready to befall them. God's demands must be thrown at them with all the force a holy love can muster.

This may be the worst generation of scoffers to date. Their damnation has been thoroughly earned. I do still hope that some can be saved from the fire!

of God

The gospel of God is He, Himself. It is to lift Him up. We always think it's to bring Him down—to reduce Him to man's understanding. Alas, this is wrong! God must be lifted up in all His glory so that man can see all of his sin. God is the light which revealeth our every sin, even to the deepest darkest corners, and He must therefore be “turned on” brightly.

Men cannot repent if they don't first see their sin. Men cannot see their sin if they don't first see Holiness. God is the only Holy! Men cannot repent if they don't see God lifted up, rather than attempted to be brought down to our fouled and corrupted human understanding.